About Me

My name is Ryan and I am 27 years old. I have always been passionate about digital design so I decided to quit school and pursue my career as a web designer in Scotland. The knowledge that I gained from my studies and personal research has made it possible for me to successfully work on projects including video production and web design. The projects have provided me with practical skills to supplement my theoretical knowledge. As it is, I am seeking opportunities to be a full-time web designer but I am a freelancer in the meantime. My education was mostly based on working with industry standard software. However, I love open source software and I can comfortably use Ubuntu Linux and Linux alternatives. I use Ubuntu Linux as the operating system for my main desktop and I hand code all my work.

I studied for my BSc in Multimedia Technology at the University of the West of Scotland and Paisley HND Internet and Multimedia Design and Development from Motherwell College. I also studied for Motherwell HNC Internet and Multimedia Design and Development from Motherwell College. My education opened my eyes to new possibilities and intensified my passion for digital design. It gave me the chance to learn both in theory and practice about the various aspects of the practice. I worked on plenty of languages and software packages through project-based outcomes.

Some of the software packages and web languages and technologies that I learned include; Adobe Photoshop CS2/3, WordPress Codex/Theme generation, ActionScript, Adobe Flash CS3/Macromedia MX version, ASP, jQuery, JavaScript and AJAX, CSS, HTML/XHTML, Notepad++, gEdit, versions of Adobe and Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Studio, Adobe PremierPro CS3, and more. I have managed to acquire valuable techniques and strategies to work on different websites. I have built an impressive portfolio and it keeps expanding. All of my past projects have been successful and I look forward to doing more successful work to sit the needs of my clients.

I understand that code can be unpredictable. I, therefore, stay flexible. I can easily alter the context and scope of a project whenever the need arises. Through my practical experience, I have learned to adapt o problems and handle them as they present themselves.

I have developed a clear development process that I use when creating different websites. I stick to the process in all of my projects. This way, it is possible to detect mistakes or pitfalls early. I can then put in measures to avoid or correct them. It also makes it possible for me to come up with accurate estimates for the time that I will take to complete a project. Apart from creating websites, I help my clients with additional services such as social media campaigns and search engine optimization. I always strive to ensure that my clients have the right services to complement their new websites.

I am strict about deadlines. I believe that it is important to provide my clients with a clear idea of the amount of time it will take to complete a project. Once the deadline is set, I do my best to ensure that I meet it. If I am unable to meet a deadline I provide my client with a detailed explanation of what happened. I offer site maintenance services to ensure that the site I created continues to work at its optimal state. If there are any issues, I am happy to address them.