Freelancing Project

I have developed a wide network that I use when looking for new potential projects. It makes it possible to meet new companies, but also to start something fresh. I help my new clients with additional website and marketing services such as search engine optimization, viral marketing and social media management. While working on these new projects, I am very strict about deadlines. Especially social media management in regards to deadlines can be very important. Social media is a great tool to sell products or services during special days such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or other occasions. This is why I like to create content that would fit these specific occasions and themes. In order to create a successful platform, putting deadlines is extremely necessary. Therefore, I like to schedule all of my upcoming post in a social media business managing system.

One of my newest clients is the company, which is an online trading platform. They requested me to create a new marketing strategy and plan in order to build a better branding on their social media channels. I did some research regarding their active platforms and gathered my findings in a clear marketing report. This report presented all of my ideas about their current branding, company vision and the way that they use social media. In this report I also provided a clear idea of the amount of time it will take me to complete this project. During the meeting in their headquarters, we discussed all of the presented options and solutions in order to agree about the entire project. After the agreement, I immediately started working on their new corporate marketing strategy. Now i’ve been working on this process for a month.

Creating a clear marketing plan includes a number of skills and experience on the internet. The creation and maintenance of a social media platform is necessary to attract more online traffic and potential clients. Besides creating captures, it also includes skills as photography, writing, graphic design, SEO and more. Most online marketing companies employ people to cover these elements of the entire online marketing process. This also includes setting up marketing campaigns, which is a total different field. For me it is important to identify and understand the target market of Since it is an online trading company, I should translate the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in my social media themes. The best skill that a social media manager should have is to understand trends and the specific things that their online audience want. Freelance social media managers like me will take this into consideration while working on a new project.

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