Ninjatrader Web Design Project

A few weeks ago, the trading company Ninjatrader reached out to me in order to discuss a new assignment. They weren’t really happy about their current running website and wanted me to review their design and branding, which I immediately did. Just in a couple of minutes I already discovered some navigation issues and small features that didn’t seem to fit the entire theme of the platform. After reporting my findings to the marketing department of Ninjatrader, they wanted to schedule up a meeting in order discuss the next phase of the project. While visiting their headquarters, we’ve discussed the small possible adjustments that would help to upgrade their current design, look and feel. After the meeting I started with the entire page layout of their website. This was an important part of the graphic design, since it really represents the company and their corporate identity. I was responsible for adjusting the logo and colours on the website. Besides changing their identity i’ve also implemented navigate-friendly features in order to upgrade the website to an user-friendly platform.

A web designer like me thinks it is important to identify and understanding the target market of every client. In order to discover more details about their main targets, I first need to do a full investigation on the behavior of this particular group. Based on their online behavior, I can target them even better by creating content that would match their interests. You must know that different websites and companies have different needs, but this also concerns their customers. Eventually it’s all about the message the company intends to communicate to their potential customers and that is what I wanted to translate through visualizations. I’ve created several graphic designs that would fit their corporate identity, but would be also very attracting to their customers.

During the next phase of the project I’ve been optimizing the user experience and interactive design of Ninjatrader. This also means that i’ve been working on the layout, instructions and the entire user experience of online traders. By implementing interactive design I made sure to promote the important facts of the website. The goal of the project was to recreate an user-friendly environment with some surprising elements. Ninjatrader was very pleased with the results, thanks to the strict communication during the project. I believe that you should always value your client by updating them regularly about the process, which I did for a couple of months straight. The project is finished for now, the redesign of the website has been launched and the website keeps growing everyday. In the future we will start with the next project, which will include all of their social media platforms and channels. I can’t wait to start with this project, since this field is my main speciality. Until then, i’m available for new projects and corporate assignments. If you would like me to review your online presence, don’t hesitate to contact me in order to discuss all the possibilities and options based on your preferences.