Personal Project

This is the current design of my portfolio and maintains the previous used colour schemes from older designs.

The layout of the design is very clean and structured, I have for the moment taken down my blog and I am creating a theme which reflects the aesthetics of my new portfolio design .

I chose to re-design my portfolio as it had been a long time since it had been updated.

Site Design

The aesthetics of the design is achieved using CSS and transparent PNG images. I used GIMP 2.6 to create the necessary images required to make the new style design. The mark-up is written in valid XHTML 1.0 strict and was hand coded using gEdit. I plan to add extra functionality such as image slide-shows and contact forms using php & jQuery plug-ins.

Web design skills used

XHTML, CSS styling, cross browser testing, image creation and SEO management.

Project Duration

1 Week


Although not entirely finished I am very happy at how the design has taken shape and look forward to working on changing the site from a static portfolio design into a more dynamic web site.